The value of working with a VA is becoming more and more apparent to businesses yet there are still some things that you may not know, or perhaps you’re (albeit innocently) underestimating just how much hiring a VA can add value to your world.

You may already be working with a VA, but are you utilising them to their full potential? Have you considered what more they could bring to the table? If not, read on…

If you’re still in the deliberation stage, this post will help you gain a bit more insight into just how valuable Virtual Assistants can be, in ways perhaps you have yet to consider.

1. A VA can (and likely WILL) become an integral part of your team

There’s no need to treat your VA as if she/he is outside of your organisation. Don’t leave them on the side-lines.

Often, Virtual Assistants are considered an integral part of a team, involved in every aspect of your team communications and understanding your business deeply. In fact, this is a great way to get the most out of your VA as they will be invested in your operations, have full insight into how you run the show and be in a better position to offer you suggestions and ideas for improvements. Arm them with the knowledge they need and give them the opportunity to shine as valued team members. Include them on your ‘Meet the Team’ page on your website and show everyone how savvy you are when it comes to teamwork.

2. A VA is a source of contacts and a great little black book for your business

If you didn’t know this already, I can tell you now, VAs REALLY love to network. We work with a vast array of clients from a plethora of industries and it’s very likely we’ll know someone who can fulfil whatever it is you’re looking for. We can put you in touch with potential clients as well as refer you to people we already know and trust to get things done. This means when you have a project on the go and you’re putting the feelers out for service providers, you don’t have to do any guesswork. We already know people who can do the job brilliantly and are reliable, and we wouldn’t vouch for just anyone as it’s our reputation on the line too. Don’t hesitate to ask your VA if they know someone, they almost certainly will.

3. A VA can help not only in your business, but your life too!

If there’s one thing that’s industry standard amongst VAs, it’s that we LOVE to help. Yes, often we have a specialist area or two plus a broad skillset, but it’s unlikely your VA has everything they’re capable of listed on their profile. If you’re a busy entrepreneur or business owner, we’re well aware of how hard it is to organise your time effectively and keep on top of your diary. And this includes your personal life. So why not ask your VA if they’ll make your appointments for you, remind you about upcoming birthdays or other important dates, source gifts, send cards, or book your travel etc.

We understand that it’s tough when you’re working so hard on your own business and things can and do slide – but there’s no need for this to happen. Virtual Assistants are always well-organised and keen to help wherever they can. It doesn’t hurt to ask what more they can do for you.

4. A VA is not an employee – they work with you, not for you

Despite being considered part of your team, your working relationship with your Virtual Assistant is a two-way street. Above all, mutual respect is key. Don’t forget, we’re running a business too. We aim to please and yes, we are often very flexible, however we work with a multitude of clients and must make sure we are delivering the best possible service to all of them. We have to be organised, scheduled, and efficient at all times and that does mean that sometimes we won’t be able to do something right away. That being said, we will AWAYS aim to make you feel like the priority, the truth is, you are. We want to give you the best possible service and ensure our contributions are valuable, well delivered, on time, within budget, top quality, and exceed your expectations.

So please, trust that we have your business’s best interests at heart, because we genuinely do.

5. A VA can help you grow your business

Think of your VA as a strategic partner, someone who can help you grow your business. We have a load of insider information at our fingertips and yes, we always keep our clients’ information confidential, but that doesn’t mean we can’t implement useful practices and take inspiration from those we support. Our network of VAs and other service providers is vast, and we all help each other out, offering advice and solutions so we know where to go if you need help and advice on most business matters. We are invaluable when it comes to taking a time-consuming specific task off your hands, allowing you time to work on the revenue generating tasks that lead to profitability. Most of us love a bit of research too, so if you’re looking for the best practices for your business, we can help you find them.

And remember, we can help you brainstorm, strategise, organise, and implement your next moves, offering insight and fresh ideas – so make the most of us!


Now you’re in the know, you’re in a better position to get the most from your VA or ask the VA you’re considering hiring if their services cover the above. We really do want what’s best for your business, after all, it’s good for our business too. Give us a shout to see how we can help.