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We are committed to helping your organisation run smoother and more efficiently.

Our Board Support services will enhance the effectiveness of your board meetings, leaving you with more time to focus on strategic decision-making.

Preparing and Issuing Agendas
Having a well-prepared agenda is important to the smooth running of any meeting.

For board meetings we can start by reviewing past meeting agendas and creating a cycle of business so that nothing gets missed – maybe there are important regulatory deadlines or standing items that need to be discussed.

For Board Seminars, we can help determine the best times for sessions or workshops, ensuring sessions run smoothly and on time.

Preparing and Issuing Meeting Packs

We can help save time by creating templates, coordinating with contributors, and drafting and issuing meeting packs.

Minuting Meetings

Minuting meetings is essential but can be time-consuming, and very often done by someone attending the meeting, who should be participating in the discussions.

We can ensure your minutes are unbiased, professional and turned around quickly. This way, your staff can focus on their role within your organisation at all times.

Preparing and Distributing Actions
All too often meetings take place, actions are agreed, the minutes are taken and then …. nothing!

We can create a record of actions and share these with your team, following up with individuals to ensure that actions are progressed before you next meeting.

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Imagine having the time and headspace to focus, spend quality time with family and friends, reach new clients and continue to grow your organisation…

As we had a newly established Board and needed support, and we were unclear on what would be required and how much support would be needed, we decided to engage the services of The Indispensary.

Joanne appointed Kirsten to help us with our Board and Committee meetings, which included coordinating and rescheduling meeting dates as required, setting up virtual and in person meetings and minuting these virtually, which has been very beneficial for the business.

Kirsten has put into place all of the systems and processes that we needed, helped ensure meeting packs were prepared in good time ahead of the meetings and circulated to the Board members and provided additional support for our NEDs.

We have been very happy with the service provided, and would recommend The Indispensary to other businesses.”

Engineering Company

If this sounds like what you need, we’d love to talk to you.