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Whether you’re in the early stages of running your business, or your organisation could do with a fresh pair of eyes, in our Empower Hours we delve into the day to day of your business, your aspirations, and where you feel ‘stuck’.

“I did an Empower Hour with Joanne for my business. I wanted to talk to her about potential ways to expand and grow my business, streamline some of my processes, and build a better customer relationship database.

Joanne was brilliant. She offered me lots of information, challenged some of my assumptions and really helped me to consider my options.

It was incredibly useful as she used her wealth of knowledge and experience to shine a light on some ideas I had not considered. In particular I found the discussion around the CRM most useful.

I felt I didn’t need one until recently and Joanne was able to articulate the pros and cons without all the jargon. It was an hour well spent and I came away with a much clearer view of a number of potential paths my own business could take – highly recommended.”

Anna Rogers
Digital Annie

Whether you’re in the initial setup phase, or are a well-established business looking for a new approach to business development and marketing, we can help you clear your mind and refocus.


How good would it feel to concentrate on YOU, and regain that spark and enthusiasm for your business?

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What’s Included in an Empower Hour?

Prior to the session I’ll send you a short questionnaire to help us prepare for the call.

After the session you will be sent a recording of the call and a summary of the ideas we came up with, along with links to any resources and tools we discussed.

If this sounds like what you need, we’d love to talk to you.