Nush has fifteen years of experience working for businesses that have customer service and attention to detail at the heart of what they do. She has worked with local authorities, private companies and higher education providers, both in the UK and overseas, with previous experience as a teacher, coach, manager and director.

Nush is a problem-solver, who loves new challenges and connecting with others; providing ‘right-hand’ support, in order to give others the time and space to work on the parts of your business which need them the most. Above all, she loves the connections she forms with others by working with them in their business; providing committed assistance and creative problem-solving in order to ensure that a business meets the needs of the customer, in turn helping the business to thrive.

Based in Dorset, Nush can help you with:

  • Copywriting, editing and proofreading a variety of materials, including blog posts, newsletters and social posts
  • Providing superb customer support to a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Process creation and optimisation, and document organisation. 
  • Project management and coordinating tasks. 
  • Data entry and file organisation.