Lizz Jones

Lizz Jones is an established and respected Consultant, Coach and Trainer, with a reputation for inspiring and motivating individuals and teams in business, industry and academia. She specialises in organisational culture, leadership behaviour and team dynamics, and her work takes her to organisations across the Higher Education, Public and Private sectors as well as several NHS Trusts.

She is also a Public Speaker; and delivers keynote sessions both in the UK and abroad.

Tallant Jones

Tallant Jones are a Liverpool based firm specialising in employee engagement and personal performance in the workplace. They help organisations to improve performance simply by engaging more effectively with their people, and recognise that the secret ingredient in any business growth strategy is the team of staff involved in making it happen.

Tallant Jones helps organisations to tap into this and develop a truly inspired workforce.

Why a VA?

Lizz was already running a successful and established business as a corporate consultant (Tallant Jones) and as a coach for individuals.

Due to the nature of her business, she soon found that coordinating appointments, admin, paperwork, and processes was eating into her ability to operate fully within her zone of genius.

There simply weren’t enough hours in the day and so Lizz knew she needed to outsource in order to scale and grow.

Additionally, Lizz had several strategies that she wanted to implement across her business, but due to the volume of administrative activities Lizz was undertaking, she had hit capacity.

Lizz understood that she needed to shift away from the operational activities in order to add more value to her business, and that’s why she sought the support of a VA.

The Benefits

Lizz was already well established and had a steady stream of clients approaching her through word of mouth and recommendations from her existing and previous clients. However, Lizz needed more time to be strategically proactive in seeking out new business. The Indispensary was able to support Lizz in this by undertaking the operational activities that were consuming Lizz’s time.

Lizz now works with Jayne at The Indispensary, who has the expertise to keep track of proposals and follow-ups, maintains systems to keep things flowing, and understands the complexities ‘behind the scenes’. Weekly meetings have meant that Lizz and Jayne are working in unison and are both up to date with everything.

Additionally, Lizz recognises that having this support reinforces her professionalism and credibility, advising new and existing clients that her VA will take care of any relevant requirements.

“Working with Joanne and the team has made a significant difference to the way I’m able to run and scale the business.”

“My advice to others would be to learn to trust your VA. Allow them to challenge you and provide a space where you both feel comfortable to make suggestions in a collaborative manner. Work alongside your virtual assistant and trust them to do what they do best – it’ll allow you to do what you do best.”

Adding Value

Originally, Lizz had thought she needed someone to simply undertake the excess admin, however Lizz soon realised that she had the added benefits of Jayne’s experience and expertise in more ways than one.

After an initial bedding in period, Lizz found that Jayne brought her ideas and suggestions to the table, offering a more collaborative approach. Lizz enjoys the fact she has someone who simply ‘gets it’ and who she can bounce ideas around with as well as rely on having sound judgement.

Lizz values having someone involved who can understand the complexities of the ‘behind the scenes’ operations, and someone who truly has a handle on the logistics. Jayne also supported Lizz through her branding updates, offering valuable insight and ensuring the brand guidelines were consistently reflected throughout Lizz’s documents, proposals, and presentations.

Another bonus is that systems are now operating in a smoother manner, which is an unanticipated benefit of working with The Indispensary.

Lizz feels that it’s clearly visible that she is now operating in a more professional manner and would not have been in the position to launch and execute the evolution of Lizz Jones Online had she not had the support of Jayne.

Why Us?

Lizz had asked on LinkedIn for recommendations of personal experience with a VA as she knew it was time for her to outsource. The Indispensary was recommended, and a call was arranged.

What stood out for Lizz was the approach Joanne took. Lizz was unsure on exactly what support she needed, but Joanne was able to discern very quickly that yes, Lizz needed support with administrative tasks, but also other areas that Lizz hadn’t perhaps considered. Lizz noted that the call she had with Joanne was productive, genuine, and supportive from the get-go.

Lizz quickly realised that the variety, breadth, and depth of experience throughout the whole JMVA team would be invaluable to her.

The adaptability, flexibility, and the calibre of the team is a huge bonus as they have experience, expertise, and first-hand knowledge of business operations.

“Working with Joanne and the team has made a significant difference to the way I’m able to run and scale the business.””I’m a real supporter of Joanne and the team and I can say that my business wouldn’t be in this great position without the support of Jayne and The Indispensary.”