Olympus Power

Olympus Power provides large scale, commercial renewable energy systems across the UK. They develop and fund energy generation projects that reduce emissions and energy bills for their clients.

Olympus Power are solar power specialists, having designed and installed systems more than 10MW in the UK, advised on larger power-producing assets abroad. Their clients are in the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

The Indispensary (formerly Joanne Manville Virtual Assistance) has been working with Olympus Power CEO Simon Nicholls for more than five years. We asked him why he engaged a virtual assistant.


Why a VA?

Simon’s first profession was as a lawyer, so he was used to working with a PA before he took on Olympus Power. As this business began to grow, Simon needed someone to take on responsibility for administrative processes.

The more time-consuming tasks of arranging meetings and managing correspondence were outsourced to Joanne, allowing Simon and Olympus Power to benefit from more time dedicated to business growth, as well as professional admin management.

“Having a virtual PA ‘feels’ like a luxury but you soon realise it’s a necessity. Hiring a VA is a business investment rather than a cost.”

The Benefits

Before Olympus Power had developed the multi-skilled team it has now, Simon felt he was overly busy, being pulled in all directions. The Indispensary has taken on the administration that was taking too much of his time away from a focus of supporting clients and recruiting the right workforce.

Joanne manages emails, books appointments, provides research, arranges meetings and can take on anything else that Simon needs to get off his desk. He no longer needs to worry about his inbox knowing that Joanne will be there to respond, delegate or ensure Simon is aware of anything he needed to address.

This invariably frees up Simon’s time to focus on strategic planning, goals, proposals, and leadership. The peace of mind, convenience, efficiency, and reliability of working with Joanne enabled Simon to grow Olympus Power into the established energy solutions provider it is today.

Today, members of The Indispensary team work together to provide across the board solutions for Simon, enabling his team to use their time effectively and maintain focus where it’s most needed.

“Having a VA has really helped me make better use of my time and I would recommend Joanne and her team to anyone with their own business.”

“Inevitably, as a business gets busier, you need someone to do the day-to-day stuff so that you can do the fun stuff, the work that you like doing. I already know how valuable it is to have that assistance, so this was the obvious solution.”

Adding Value

Simon sees the team at The Indispensary as an extension of his own team, which is of huge value. In his own words, having someone who is ‘reliably there’ is amazing. Simon appreciates the depth of the team, knowing Joanne and the team have the resources he needs.

“Everyone should have their own virtual PA when they’re running a business. In terms of outlay versus productivity; it’s a must.”

Administrative tasks, social media research, planning and scheduling, diary management – all are all necessary to running a successful business. However, they can be very time consuming. We support the operational needs of the business, freeing up valuable time for more meaningful, impactful, and revenue generating tasks. We help businesses grow and thrive by providing solutions, allowing you and your team to do what you do best.

The team at The Indispensary are passionate about supporting our clients, on every level, whether that be administrative support or otherwise. Olympus Power aligns perfectly with our ethics and eagerness to do our bit towards protecting the planet.

Why Us?

When he took on the Olympus Power business, Simon was doing too much himself and needed someone to hit the ground running. Joanne came highly recommended via his business network, so it was an easy decision to outsource to her and her team.

“Working with Joanne and the team has made a significant difference to the way I’m able to run and scale the business.””I’m a real supporter of Joanne and the team and I can say that my business wouldn’t be in this great position without the support of Jayne and The Indispensary.”