Vivid Leadership

Charly White is an experienced leadership coach, who specialises in working with non-profit sector leaders and their teams since 2016. She helps them to thrive in their demanding roles, through coaching, training and away day facilitation. She started working with The Indispensary in 2021 as she worked alone, and realised she needed to outsource some of her more admin-based tasks.

Vivid Leadership specialises in elevating teams through customised training courses, providing ongoing support for sustained improvement. Vivid Leadership streamlines roles through expert coaching, identifying and overcoming challenges to foster focused excellence.

We spoke to Charly to find out why she decided to work with a VA and how The Indispensary has helped her transform her business…

Work was mounting up…

Charly decided to take on a virtual assistant when she realised she just wasn’t playing to her strengths. Things she didn’t enjoy and weren’t her area of expertise were weighing her down and distracted her from what she loved doing (and where she added the most value to her clients). These tasks took so long, which meant the work was mounting up. Time was being wasted, and on top of that Charly felt demoralised that she couldn’t seem to get everything done.

“It’s so nice having a whole team at your fingertips – it’s like working as part of a larger organisation, where you have access to expertise in different areas. And everything always feels so seamless – any communication between members of Joanne’s team and myself is always on point – I don’t know how they do it!”

“I can highly recommend working with The Indispensary to any business owner who wants to elevate their business – especially ones like me, who were trying to do it all! I’m so much happier and efficient now that I’m focused on serving my clients and delivering the things that only I can do.”

But, it ended up being about more than saving time.

She quickly realised after she started working with her virtual assistant, Lisa, that she got so much more from the relationship. She explains: “I just thought it was going to cut down my to do list for a bit but actually, it’s much more than that. It’s about adding value to my whole business.”

Charly noticed that…


She Did Save Time

Working with Lisa helped her to be more efficient and focused on her areas of expertise – helping her to deliver a better service to her clients, and use her time in the best way.


It Also Elevated Her Business

Tasks were being completed to a higher standard – for example her materials and branding materials were looking slicker. This helped to make her business look more professional and attract more clients. And because doing these tasks were in Lisa’s area of expertise, it took her less time than Charly to complete it to a higher standard!


And She Felt More Confident

Working alongside Lisa and Lou helped to build her confidence – especially in writing social media and blog posts – something she admits she previously loathed and didn’t believe she could do. But they held her hand through the process, and now she writes confidently by herself.

True Collaboration

As a solo business owner, Charly has found working with Lisa, Joanne and Lou to be a wonderful experience – what she describes as ‘true collaboration’:

“It can be really lonely running your own business. I have a monthly catch up with Lisa and it’s quite nice to have that human contact – we have a real laugh. She’s also got some great like suggestions, probably because she supports other businesses as well and sees what works. She suggests tools or ideas that I might be able to implement in my business, but don’t have the time or inclination to research. I feel she’s 100% supportive and always in my corner.”