Ruth Dwight Consulting

Ruth recognised the need for additional support as her business expanded. Ruth, who enjoys handling various administrative and technical tasks herself, found herself increasingly drawn into these responsibilities, taking time away from her primary work.

The idea of working with a Virtual Assistant had crossed her mind previously, but she delayed her decision initially as she was nervous about the cost commitment. Several months later, she reconsidered, realising that hiring a VA is an investment and would save both time and money in the long run.

Ruth Dwight is a passionate advocate for social justice with extensive experience in the charity sector. She has spent 20 years working with various charities, primarily focused on improving access to justice, health, and education for young people and their families. With her background in program delivery, management, and strategic business development, she collaborates with charity teams, leaders, and trustees to create income generation plans and expand their reach and impact.

Ruth Dwight Consulting works with charities and social enterprises to be as effective as possible and maximise their impact. Ruth supports organisations to develop outcomes-based strategies, increase the effectiveness of their governance, and generate sustainable income models.

We spoke to Ruth about how the support of The Indispensary is supporting her growing business…

The Benefits

Ruth can now fully concentrate on her primary responsibilities and, in her words, “Let go of the tasks that could be handled by a capable VA.”

Ruth’s goal was to transition from working “in” her business to working “on” it. Her demanding schedule, including extensive administrative work, left her with little room for proactively tackling business development tasks.

Natasha, one of our expert team members, stepped in to ease the administrative burdens and to encourage and propel business development. By proactively managing tasks, overseeing deadlines, and ensuring organisation, Natasha empowered Ruth to focus on the essential aspects of her business.

Natasha helps manage her IT systems, recommend software solutions, improve her processes, and even assist with achieving inbox zero! These seemingly small enhancements add up to create substantial time savings and improvements in overall efficiency and productivity.

Working with The Indispensary hasn’t just improved Ruth’s current operations but also facilitated her exploration of new growth areas for her business.

“Having an open and honest relationship with Joanne, Natasha, and the wider team has been a blessing. The transparency in time tracking and billing means I have a clear understanding of what I need to prioritise and plan for. This openness has certainly built trust and reinforced the sense of partnership between me and the team. It’s a relationship founded on integrity and shared goals, which means as a collaboration, it’s not just efficient but also really enjoyable.”

Adding Value

Ruth highlighted that working with us has brought more profound benefits than she initially anticipated. The collaboration has allowed her to regain precious headspace, a crucial commodity in any business.

While she didn’t find administrative tasks inherently stressful, Ruth realised that she needed to shift her focus to the more strategic aspects of her business. The mental load of juggling admin and core work had been somewhat overwhelming, and Ruth acknowledged that the decision to delegate brought her newfound peace of mind.

Working with a VA also introduced a new level of professionalism to the business. Ruth said that having an assistant by her side communicates to clients and partners that her business is a well-structured and professional outfit.

The professionalism is a reassuring element, particularly within the sector she operates, where establishing a balance between approachability and credibility is essential.

Ruth says that Natasha helps her maintain this equilibrium by being a friendly, human presence in her communications.

Why Us?

Ruth’s decision to collaborate with The Indispensary was influenced by various factors. Our team’s recommendation, coupled with a personal endorsement from one of her colleagues who had experience of Joanne’s services, instilled confidence in her choice.

She finds it valuable to have someone manage operations for her, meaning she has more time and headspace to do what she does best – serve her clients!

For Ruth, the decision to bring in professional support was met with some initial uncertainty. As a business owner accustomed to managing tasks independently, it wasn’t always clear what she should outsource and what she should retain. Something that is very common among our clients. This transitional phase required a thoughtful approach. The gradual transition with Joanne’s guidance allowed Ruth to identify areas that could be effectively delegated while ensuring she retained control over what she needed to.

Our ability to guide clients through the process of determining what to delegate and how to do so was deemed especially helpful, and Ruth particularly admired the team’s approachable, personable, and friendly demeanour.