Transition Tradition

Transition Tradition are a boutique consultancy, helping develop individuals, teams, and organisations to achieve their goals. They help people at every stage of their leadership journey – from managers and emerging leaders to chief executives.

They create space for teams to re-learn what can be achieved together and feel better whilst they are doing it and are specialists in designing and delivering leadership development that respects organisational reality.

We spoke to Sam Delbaere, Founding Director, to get her take on why she chose The Indispensary in particular and how working with Joanne and team has benefited her business.

Why a VA?

Transition Tradition sought the help of The Indispensary in 2017 as the consultancy had begun to grow at an accelerated rate. Sam reached out to Joanne on LinkedIn to see how she was able to assist.

Sam had come to the realisation she needed to redirect some of her energy away from the tasks she could potentially outsource and working with The Indispensary helped with the transition.

The Benefits

Since working with The Indispensary, Sam and the wider team have been able to focus on the work that adds value for their clients and have peace of mind knowing everything else is being taken care of.

There have been many positive effects and Sam feels personally that she has someone she can not only rely on but utilise flexibly. Joanne knows the business and is very much part of the team. A big part of this is the trust Sam feels in the team at The Indispensary, knowing Joanne has a full understanding what Transition Tradition do and how they operate. The fact that Sam is able to offer The Indispensary as a resource for her wider team to manage their workloads is an added bonus too.

Outsourcing to The Indispensary meant that Sam had to really think about what tasks she was able to pass over. Joanne facilitated this by always offering solutions and sharing relevant information and learnings from elsewhere in her business which is considered a real plus.

“Working with Joanne has been transformative – she has helped me to move towards creating accessible systems and processes so that I can outsource many of the tasks I was previously stuck doing inefficiently myself. Perhaps just as importantly working with Joanne has also made me feel differently about my business, she is far more than a PA she is another member of the team who shows a genuine interest in, and commitment to my business. I would recommend her without reservation.”

Adding Value

Since working initially on the pressing matters at hand, Transition Tradition now utilises the team in several other ways including lifestyle management, CRM support, website support, and onboarding associates.

Sam feels relieved and a sense of enjoyment at having another team member who knows the team and business so well and with Joanne’s professionalism, personal touches and friendly nature, Sam knows her business is valued.

Why Us?

One of the reasons Sam was initially drawn to The Indispensary was simply the care Joanne takes in her communication and social media. This impressed Sam as she could clearly see how invested Joanne is in her own business. Sam could see that Joanne is professional and friendly, and thought if she’s doing a great job on her own business, then she would take just as much care and be just as innovative for her business.

Prior to working with Joanne, Sam had worked with a wider team of people who were client facing, which left Sam completing the admin tasks as well as client management and delivery. Transition Tradition had grown as an organisation with more capacity for clients but was lacking in admin support and Sam felt tension in her areas of focus.

Transition Tradition initially needed help with the logistics of running client programmes, support in expanding their team, liaison with speakers for sessions, help to automate processes and become paper-free, as well as a variety of other technical and administrative support.